THE LIGHT ROOM PRESS is a non-profit publishing corporation established to advance human spiritual evolution.
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To offer teachings and guidance for the right understanding according to the Grail Message, as to the kind of living in which is found the only key that one needs to attract the Force of Light into one's life…the POWER to activating all faculties for one's gifts to come to their full expression, and also act to give the answers to all requests to the Light.


The Light Room Press Books are transmitted writings from Abdruschin, Principals and Spiritual Helpers from the Beyond, received through the special gift of a Channel called for this purpose.

Who are these Personalities?

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Who is Abdruschin?
Who are the Principals?
Who are the Helpers?
Who is a Channel

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About Abdruschin

Abdruschin, the Son of Man, brought to humanity the Grail Message, which is the TRUTH and in which we have the teachings that explain to us the Laws of God in Creation. He gives us this knowledge of life, which is useful to us in recognizing the Will of God in life. With the help of this knowledge we are now able to lead a life according to the Laws of God in every moment of your life, in thought, word and deed.

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About the Principal

Principals, otherwise known as Elders, dwell in a great Temple in the Beyond and have never been incarnated on Earth. There are 24 Elders who God, through His Love, gives a mission to go and help where help is needed.

The Principal, who is called Master John, is one of the 24 Elders who train servants on missions in the Beyond before they are incarnated on Earth. In the Beyond, these servants receive training from a Principal in charge of preparing them for their mission, in which they are taught all the lessons of their mission on Earth….It is a grace for servants who, after being trained in the Beyond by a Principal, to continue to receive the teachings on Earth.

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About Spiritual Helpers

To begin, it must be emphasized that Spiritual Helpers are not mediums, clairvoyants, healers, fetishists, marabouts, among others. Such practitioners also give revelations that may appear to be true; however, due to “seeing” only at a very low level very close to the earth, which is influenced by darkness, they oftentimes make mistakes.

Spiritual Helpers have the same role with human beings as “guardian angels” in popular religious belief, but they are not "angels from heaven" sent to help us. They were once like human beings on earth and who, after their return to the Beyond, were chosen, prepared and trained to do this mission that the Light entrusts to them to help us humans in problem areas of our life.

In somewhat like manner to when angels appeared to the shepherds to announce the birth of Jesus (Luke 2: 8-12), the Spiritual Helpers likewise give messages, as well as precious teachings to human beings on earth, through a Channel specially prepared and called for this purpose.

About a Channel

For a human being, to be a Channel of Light on Earth is a Grace from God. A Channel gifts oneself to the Light to be used as a bridge to communicate revelations to human beings in order to introduce them to a new knowledge, the purpose of which is to further their spiritual evolution favourably. Thus, a channel is not a medium, in the common and known sense of the word, nor is a seer. Standing as in prayer in the waking state, the Channel hears inside herself what is given to her from Above and is content to transmit it unaltered without deviating or interpreting anything, so as to keep the purity of the message intact. A true Channel of the Light serves only God and His two Sons; she is a Called One.

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